About Us

Where do we start?

We are based in the Midlands , independent and slightly nuts.

In May 2015 we set up The Notts Nut House and launched our flagship product “Nuts About Bacon”.  Since then we have grown as a company and expanded our range of flavours to 8, with more on the way.  However, after careful consideration we have decided to rebrand the business and we have become The Nut Shack.

We do as much as we can by hand and we are a small family run operation.

We have tried our best to bring new life to the humble peanut and in all honestly we feel like we are succeeding.

All 8 of our core flavours are vegetarian and vegan friendly and we will endeavour to continue this with all new flavours.

So don’t be shy give them a try and let the head nutter know what you think. 

Head over to Nottingham Posts Website to read an interesting article about us.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or feedback using the contact us page.


The Head Nutter

The Nut Shack